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Tombstone Tuesday-Reverend Francis Rattray (1743-1806)

My GGGG Grandfather, Francis Rattray,  born 21 February 1743, Barony, Glasgow, Scotland, son of Alexander  Rattray and Janet Orr. Francis attended the University of Glasgow.  He married Agnes Haynes ( daughter of John Haynes, woolcomber of Aberdeen)  3 December 1784 in Edinburgh where his occupation was given as schoolteacher.  Next record found for Francis for the christening of my GGG grandmother Jenett Rattray 27 Nov, 1794)and her sister Mary Haynes Rattray, 9 April 1793 at the Howard Street Chapel (Independent) in Sheffield, Yorkshire England. There were three more children born to Francis & Agnes Rattray. They were John, Agnes and Francis. Their christening records have not been located.

Rev. Francis Rattray died  24 Oct. 1806  in Blennerhasset, Cumberland, England.  He is buried in the churchyard at St Michael’s in Torpenhow, Cumberland, England. One of the most thrilling moments in over 25 years of researching this family was to visit this beautiful resting place of my ancestors in 2002

Diocese of Carlisle, Bishops Transcripts, Parish of Torpenhow, Cumberland,  The Rev. Francis Rattray, Presbyterian Minister at Blennerhasset, age 58 years,was b uried October 24th. The above ia a just extract of parish Register of Torpenhow of all the burials for the year 1806.
Witness our hands this 12st day of May 1807.
James Marshall
Officiating Minister at Torpenhow Thomas Martin Thos. Railton

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